15 Worst Movie Villains of the Year: Evil Excellence!

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It was a great year for being bad in the movies. Heck, even a LEGO made us cringe (just check out those The LEGO Movie quotes and see what we mean!).

Villainy came in all forms this year from evil monsters to animated exterminators to business leaders and even a war veteran who supposedly was visiting a family of a fallen comrade.

Watch X-Men: Days of Future Past online and there’s one who makes our list of the top 15 sinister souls of the year. But, which one?!

No matter how many actors and actresses we talk to, they say that being bad is more fun than going good. And judging by this year’s performances, they are right because these thespians are having the time of their lives.  

Heck, watch Guardians of the Galaxy online and tell me Lee Pace is not losing himself in giddy god-awful joy as Ronan the Accuser?!

So, who makes the list of the worst possible evil characters of 2014?

Click through and discover our 15 best movie villains of 2014.

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