17 Biggest Movie Stars & Their Most Memorable Roles: Best of the Best

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One doesn’t get to the A-list and achieve the status of being one of the biggest movie stars in the world without making a slew of fantastic films. In fact, most of the superstars in Hollywood have made their fair share of blockbusters, critical darlings and Oscar favorites.

But, what are Movie Fanatic’s favorite movies from each of the biggest stars in the world?

Here’s a hint… one of our favorite actors can be seen when you watch Fight Club online. And you see his wife when you watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith online. Yup, we said it, that’s our favorite Angelina Jolie movie!

We name 17 of the biggest movie stars in the world and go through one-by-one and reveal our favorite movie of theirs. There’ll be some surprises -- that we promise.

Click through and discover our 17 favorite movie stars and their 17 best movies!

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