19 Biggest Breakout Performances of The Year: You Will Know My Name!

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2014 was an incredible year for these 19 actors and actresses. They turned in performances in films (some in more than one!) that have shot them right onto the A-list.

Many may hear their name announced on Oscar night as an Academy Award winner!

Others triumphed where many thought they might have been miscast. Watch Guardians of the Galaxy online, and can you imagine anyone other than Chris Pratt playing Star Lord? No!

And watch X-Men: Days of Future Past online and someone in that film completely stole the show from the bevy of blockbuster X-Men stars young and old. Who was it? Read on…

When you look through all those hilarious Neighbors quotes, the one who gets the most laughs is not one who is known for their comedy, yet they stole the entire movie!

Click through and discover the 19 breakthrough performances that changed everything!

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