20 Most Pirated Movies of 2014: What Is Illegally Watched Most?

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The research firm Excipio released its annual look at the vast scope of piracy when it comes to Hollywood movies.

It’s a huge problem and it’s only getting worse. But, one thing this yearly look does is it tells us the films that people are so desperate to see, they’ll commit a crime to watch them for free.

So, which films make this list of top 20 most pirated movies of 2014 and how many times was each film downloaded across the world?  

There’s some serious blockbusters on here, as well as some Oscar favorites, such as the film that won Best Picture at last year’s Academy Awards.

Some have landed online for legal viewing recently, that you can see when you watch Edge of Tomorrow online or watch X-Men: Days of Future Past online.

A few of these films have become movie quote icons, like those Frozen quotes that have permeated the pop culture landscape.

Check out the countdown in the slideshow below and discover the 20 most pirated movies of 2014.

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