21 Most Fascinating Characters of 2014: Who Makes The List?

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We’ve already told you our top 15 movies of 2014 and as you all know all too well, a movie is nothing without a strong character base.

There are a slew of films that did not necessarily make our lauded list of fine films of the year, but had characters that we cannot stop thinking about.

With these The LEGO Movie quotes, well, some of the best come from this one character -- who we have seen before many times in the movies, but not like he was in that fantastic movie from Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

There are so many characters in Guardians of the Galaxy that could have made our list. There are the five that make up the Guardians, but there are others as well.

What if we told you that two of the characters you can see when you watch Guardians of the Galaxy online made our list of best movie characters of 2014?!

Click through and check out which 21 movie characters of 2014 were the most fascinating!

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