Entourage Teaser Trailer: Ready for Trouble

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The crew from Entourage is back and they’re ready to make a splash. The first teaser trailer for Entourage is here and we like what we see. Adrian Grenier teased the poster of the movie within the movie earlier today, teasing the trailer's arrival. But, we had no idea soon would be so soon! 

The HBO long-running series followed the exploits of a quartet of BFFs from Queens who headed to Hollywood and found success, at varying levels.

Now the movie picks up where the show left off and as we see in the opening moments of the teaser trailer, Ari is a studio head and he’s given Vincent $100 million to make his Hyde. Only thing, the movie is $15 million over budget and as you know Ari, that makes him a little angry.

We love several things about this teaser, not the least of which is how Jeremy Piven’s Ari doesn’t seem to have lost a beat. He may have stopped taking his anger medication, but he’s “got it under control.” Yeah, right.

Doug Ellin, the series' creator, wrote and directed this flick, which also brings back Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara who are joined by Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment.

Look for Entourage in theaters June 5, 2015 and, yes, Emmanuelle Chriqui is back as Sloan, E’s better half!

What is truly the most awesome part of this teaser is the appearance of Mark Wahlberg (soon to be seen in The Gambler​) at the end. Not only is Wahlberg an executive producer on the show and the movie, but it is loosely based on his life… and thus his comments about his brother are utterly priceless.

And stay with Movie Fanatic as we visited the set of the film and look forward to bringing you our interviews with the entire Entourage cast!

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