Michael Keaton Answers the Question: Who Is Best Batman?

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Michael Keaton is out promoting his Golden Globe (and sure to be Oscar) nomination for Birdman. In the film, Keaton plays a man who walked away from a superhero franchise after several successful movies (sound familiar?) and is trying to make a comeback via a Broadway play that finds him as writer, star and director.

Judging by our Birdman review, Keaton is practically a lock to win those Best Actor trophies, but in a recent interview, he’s still thinking about his past life and those who came after him portraying The Dark Knight.

Michael Keaton as Batman

Keaton was asked about the Christian Bale comments on Ben Affleck being Batman and how it hit Bale hard that someone else was playing the superhero. Keaton has no such feelings.

Does Keaton have any regrets? “No. Do you know why? Because I'm Batman. I'm very secure in that.”

Well, that just about nails it. For many fans, when you watch Batman online, he is Batman. Although it’s hard to remember, when Tim Burton announced Keaton as Batman, it was met with huge controversy.

The actor was known more for comedic roles and the idea of him being the suave Bruce Wayne and the swooping in to save the day Batman was completely foreign.

What do you think? Was Keaton the best Batman?

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