Movie Icons We Lost in 2014: Rest In Peace

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There is a huge hole in Hollywood this year, left by those who are no longer with us.

Some of the all-time greatest took their final bow, including Lauren Bacall, and it is very likely that we will never see the likes of those Golden Age of Hollywood stars again.

There were some losses that were utterly shocking and completely saddening. We still cannot believe that we will no longer be entertained by Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

They both left us way too early.  

But what all the stars that passed away have in common is a body of work that will resonate forever. Hundreds of years from now, they will live on on the silver screen, or through whatever format we’re watching movies then!

As we set to close out the year that was, 2014, why not remember these stars in the best way possible and check out some of their films. Watch Catching Fire online and witness Hoffman make his The Hunger Games debut with a fantastical splash.

And when it comes to Williams, there are so many to choose from (check out our top Robin Williams movies).

But if you had to watch just one, why not see his Academy Award-winning role and watch Good Will Hunting online.

Click through and let’s tip our caps to those movie stars we lost in 2014.

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