Oscar Watch: Golden Globe Nods Make Birdman Front-Runner

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Although the Golden Globe nominations have no real bearing on the Oscar race (they are two entirely different voting blocks), one thing it does do is direct the conversation. See, in Hollywood, whether we’re talking about the success or failure of a particular film or a movie or actor’s chances at Oscar gold, perception is paramount.

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So, what do the Golden Globe nominations tell us?

At the outset, there are the numbers: Birdman scored seven nominations, The Imitation Game garnered five and so too did Richard Linklater’s Boyhood.

But, in the larger scope of things with its ruling the Independent Spirit Award nominations and yesterday’s SAG nominations, it appears that Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman is our front-runner. For now.

That being said, there’s a whole lot of time between now and the Oscar nominations reveal January 15, 2015. And like a horse race or a race for baseball’s pennant, this thing comes in waves. Right now, Birdman is riding high, but that doesn’t mean that that will be the headline in a month -- heck, even a week.

This love for Birdman might be slightly different. It looks like it has staying power. The film landed back in October and here it is mid-December and the love for this film is swelling, not abating. Michael Keaton’s performance is the stuff of legend, and he’s backed by a supporting cast that also brings their A-game. Evidence of that are the nods for Emma Stone and Edward Norton in supporting categories.

Also, Hollywood loves a comeback. And not only is Keaton getting the comeback of a lifetime, but in a move that is pure Meta -- that is what the film is also about! Win-win!

What else did the Golden Globe nominations tell us?

You can’t ignore Jennifer Aniston. We thought earlier in this awards season that all the buzz for her for Best Actress for her work in Cake would not materialize. Now with a SAG nomination and a Golden Globe nomination and the fact that 2014 was a sadly weak year for leading women, looks like Aniston could be getting her first Oscar nod. Not bad for a girl that was once more known for her hairstyle than her thespian talents!

Ralph Fiennes The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel has not been forgotten and that makes us beyond happy. Watch The Grand Budapest Hotel online and it is easily our favorite Wes Anderson movie. We think it’s worthy of Best Picture talk and it seemed as if that had faded with the months since the film debuted in the summer. But, it too scored SAG nods, and today we learned that Anderson was nominated for a Best Director Golden Globe and it also got one for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. And in a stroke of bonus love, Ralph Fiennes was deservedly honored with a Best Actor nomination!  

And unlike those SAG nominations, Selma was not ignored by the Golden Globes. We think that the tide we talked about earlier will shift -- honestly -- and once more people see Selma, the more it will become the front-runner for Oscar gold. How about them apples?

What about the snubs?

There are two that are glaring… and they’ve both worked together before. Clint Eastwood and American Sniper were completely ignored and so too was Angelina Jolie and Unbroken.

Both films were considered a lock for Oscar love and both films were likely to score nods for their directors and lead actors. Nope… didn’t happen for either.

Here are the nominees for the biggest Golden Globe awards:

Best Motion Picture, Drama

Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical

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