Taken 3 Music Video: Stop Taking My Sh*t!

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Everybody is always taking from Liam Neeson’s Bryan Mills, no?

They took his daughter and as seen in the Taken 3 trailer, they’re taking his wife. But, now, it’s gotten even worse as Fox has released a music video (inspired by the film series) where they’re just taking everything!

Check out the video for Stop Taking My Sh*t

Mills is back in the film series that you can see how it started when you watch Taken online. This time out, his past is haunting him unlike ever before.

They’ve killed his wife and the LAPD thinks he did it. He’s on the run and people will pay until he finds those responsible and extols his “special set of skills.”

Look for Taken 3 to hit theaters January 9!

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Taken 3 Quotes

There are things I’ve done in my life but I was always ready to face the consequences, to protect my family.

Bryan Mills

Wanted for murder, suspect’s name, Bryan Mills.


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