The Interview Review: Seth Rogen & James Franco Are Sensationally Subversive!

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There has been a whole lot of controversy when it comes to the latest film from good friends and co-stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. After seeing The Interview, we’re not sure what the big deal is, in terms of one country’s (North Korea) angry response. After all, for two-thirds of the movie, the Kim Jong Un character is portrayed as someone who is completely misunderstood.

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Perhaps it’s that last third of the film that has that country up in arms. But, then again, let’s remind ourselves of something that should not have to be stated -- it’s a movie, people! You think that the Nixon family was thrilled with his portrayal in Dick? It’s a real person in a fictional movie. 

Yet knowing the undertones of what is happening in the world -- in terms of the threat of North Korea and the madman at the reins of what we suspect is a nuclear arsenal -- well then, The Interview hits a pitch perfect tone that reminds us of some of the great films in that realm, such as Dr. Strangelove.

As you can see from The Interview trailer, Franco is Dave Skylark, a wildly popular and successful celebrity interviewer that, as the film begins, scores a huge scoop from Eminem (no spoilers here, it’s just one of many, many laugh-out-loud moments in the latest Franco-Rogen righteously raucous flick).

Skylark and his longtime producer Aaron Rapoport (Rogen) are celebrating that journalistic coup, along with their 1,000th episode when Rapoport makes a startling confession to Skylark -- he wants to do more serious news interviews.

This wish is granted when it turns out that the leader of North Korea is a huge fan and wants the duo to fly to his country and conduct an interview with one of the most hated men in the world. Pretty cool, no? Well, except the CIA comes a-calling and wants the pair to “take him out.” And we’re not talking to lunch, as teased in this The Interview red band trailer!

So, it’s off to North Korea and it is there that The Interview truly cooks on the levels that make it something truly special. For those who adore politically sharp comedy, once in the Asian country, The Interview takes flight and becomes one of our top 14 comedies of 2014.

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Evan Goldberg co-directed The Interview with Rogen after their triumphant work together on This Is The End. The fact that the script is written by a former Daily Show and The Office writer, Dan Sterling, is not a surprise either. The prose, the humor... it is all so whip smart that it recalls those two shows, but it's exponentially more powerful with the medium that is film. Sterling's canvas has greatly expanded and he not only rises to the occasion, but we think this is where his future should squarely lie.

Franco and Rogen also show why they work together so much. The pair have not only a comedic shorthand that is a joy to watch, but they collectively compeiment each other as actors. You believe these two are friends (because they are off screen) and that does nothing but help their cinematic camaraderie that is paramount to The Interview working.

There are far too many funny and serenely sensational moments to mention in our The Interview review. We just have to recommend you see it, wholeheartedly, and then stay with Movie Fanatic because we have a feeling that this flick will have some of the best movie quotes of recent memory that will rival some classic comedies, such as those Dumb and Dumber quotes, but for entirely the opposite reason.

As stupid as Dumb and Dumber is in its delivery of the funny, The Interview goes to the other end of the spectrum. It is smart satire at its best. 

The Interview Review

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The Interview Quotes

Aaron Rapoport: Kim Jong-un wants to do an interview with Dave Skylark?
David Skylark: He’s a fan!
Aaron Rapoport: He’s the most reclusive leader on the planet!
David Skylark: We do this, everyone is going to take us super duper seriously!
Aaron Rapoport: Okay
David Skylark: We’re going to North Korea!

Rob Lowe: You know, people say that actors lie for a living but this is living a lie.
David Skylark: Okay, Rob, when you’re ready.
Aaron Rapoport: Get ready, camera two.
Male Producer: Oh, Jesus!
David Skylark: Whoa!
Female Producer: His head looks like somebody's taint.
David Skylark: You barely look different!
Rob Lowe: Thanks, Dave!

The Interview Review

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