The Wedding Ringer: Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting on Becoming a Bridezilla!

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When it comes to the scenes we saw Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting shooting on the set of The Wedding Ringer, the star cautioned that although it might seem that way, her character might not be a complete witch.

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“It opens with their relationship very, very cute and it turns dark as the movie goes on. As the stress of the wedding increases, she gets a little bit scarier. She’s kind of more annoying instead of unlikable,” Cuoco-Sweeting said.  

Is it safe to call her a Bridezilla?

“I guess she kind of is. There are moments where it naturally comes out and it worked for the character so I guess she has a little bit of Bridezilla in her for sure.”

As teased in The Wedding Ringer trailer, Cuoco-Sweeting is the fiance of Josh Gad, and as their wedding nears, it becomes obvious that she is going to have a lot of bridesmaids. Given that Gad's character has no friends, that is kind of a problem. That’s where Kevin Hart comes in… he runs a company that provides a Best Man (Hart) and as many groomsmen as the lonely guy with the great girl needs.

Cuoco-Sweeting admitted that working with two funnymen like Gad and Hart it was oftentimes difficult to get through a scene. But, it is something she’s used to working on the number one TV comedy in the country, The Big Bang Theory.

“There is a lot of ad libbing, which is my favorite thing to do, especially. Josh (Gad) and Kevin (Hart) are so hilarious, you never know what they’re going to say or what kind of take they’re going to give you so have to be ready every time. It’s been a lesson in comedy,” Cuoco-Sweeting said. “It’s actually been a total blast.”

Like The Big Bang Theory, The Wedding Ringer is an ensemble comedy, but it clearly is a much different landscape. For the actress, it is a welcome chance to spread her wings and grow as a thespian.

“I think anytime when you’re lucky enough to be on a series for as long as we have you get comfortable and things are very easy. The things come very easily the way I work off the guys. It’s a natural thing. To do that 90 percent of the time and then to jump in with a different group of people, who are just as funny in their own way, it definitely ups my game,” Cuoco-Sweeting said.

The Wedding Ringer Josh Gad Kaley Cuoco Sweeting

“It makes me think, ‘Oh, I can do something else and I can work with other people.’ It’s just a new experience. It makes me love comedy as much as I originally have because being able to work with so many funny people, I’m just very lucky.”

The Wedding Ringer star signed on to the project immediately after reading the script. But, how she got the script is a fascinating story.

“To be honest with you, I owe this whole thing to (director) Jeremy Garelick’s wife. His wife Sam and I go to the same gym and we were spinning together and she said, ‘Jer’s doing the greatest movie, you gotta be the lead girl.’ She called him right then,” Cuoco-Sweeting recalled.

“He called the next day. When I read the script I was laughing out loud and imagining Josh and Kevin and that made it even more funnier. This is my dream. Once the show ends -- unfortunately the show is not going to last forever, we would like it to -- this is the path I would like to go. I love this big, silly, comedy stuff. It’s my favorite.” 

Both of Cuoco-Sweeting’s co-stars in The Wedding Ringer are on fire cinematically lately. Watch Frozen online and see Gad as Olaf and turn around and everywhere you look you’ll see Hart lately! “Josh is a little hotshot… whatever! He won’t stop talking about it,” Cuoco-Sweeting said and laughed.

“To be honest with you and this is not taking away from Big Bang because we just have a blast there, but Josh might be one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Gad plays a tech executive in The Wedding Ringer and Cuoco-Sweeting clearly has been around geeks all day long for years now on The Big Bang Theory. She admits, she can’t help it… the geekdom is contagious.

“I think we all have a little geek inside of us, especially with the stuff we do on Big Bang. It was actually really funny… I saw Gravity last night and I knew everything about the Soyuz capsule,” she said and laughed.

“I was telling my fiance (now husband) about it and he said, ‘Who are you?’ It was because we did those space episodes. I remember and I didn’t realize it. It’s seeping into my brain, and I don’t even know it!”

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