Top 13 Superheroes of the Year: Who Was Most Super?

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You would be hard-pressed to find a year where superheroes were more dominant in the news cycle in the movie world than in 2014. Watch Guardians of the Galaxy online and there is the number one movie in the land. In fact, it was the first year that a Transformers movie came out that it wasn’t the top movie!

That’s how much those Guardians ruled our world.

News of future superhero movies rocked our world as well as both DC Comics and Marvel announced plans well into the future and let us know that certain superheroes would be making their first big screen appearances after a long, long wait by their fans.

Aquaman! Wonder Woman! Black Panther! Captain Marvel!

But, how do the superheroes that dominated our movie world in 2014 rank?

Who’s tops?  

Movie Fanatic presents our annual ranking of the best superheroes of the movie year and lays out why each is in the position that we put them in. Want a clue as to who else is on this list besides a few of those who uttered Guardians of the Galaxy quotes?

Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier online and there might be a few from that astoundingly awesome flick!

So click through and discover the top 13 superheroes of 2014.

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