Top 14 Comedies of 2014: Funniest Films of the Year!

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It’s true what they say -- comedy is much harder to achieve than drama. That’s why it’s been an incredible year for funny in film.

We normally post a top 10 comedies of the year, but this time out, we had to do a top 14 comedies of 2014.

The sequel to the film that gave us those 21 Jump Street quotes got us laughing that is for sure, but is it one of the best of the year?

What about when you watch Ted online?

You know that Seth MacFarlane delivered one of the funniest films of the decade with that dirty-mouthed bear. But, did his A Million Ways to Die in the West make the cut?

Seth Rogen has had a banner year for funny films, watch Neighbors online and, yes, that’s on our list. But, he has another one on our top 14 as well.

Click through and discover the Movie Fanatic top 14 comedies of 2014!  

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