Top 15 Movie News Headlines of 2014: Hollywood Highlights!

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2014 was a huge year for movies. And we’re not just talking about what we saw on the big screen.

There were movie headlines that would be the most talked about news of any given year (Star Wars title, trailer!), but they had to share the most talked about movie news of the year title with so many others (Robin Williams' death and more).

We looked over the year that was and came up with 15 news stories that towered over all the others in Hollywood. Like what, you ask?

Watch The Avengers online, and one realizes that Kevin Feige and his Marvel team have huge plans -- documented through 2019 with a series of releases that caused a virtual earthquake here in Tinseltown!

And who would have thought that the movie you see when you watch The LEGO Movie online would go on to be the explosive sensation that it is?!

When you check out our Django Unchained quotes, it is easy to wonder what Quentin Tarantino would follow up that classic with. Well, he made headlines for announcing his next film, then pulling it, then casting it and currently shooting it!

That’s just the tip of the movie headline iceberg, people! 

Click through and discover our top 15 movie news headlines of 2014!

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