Top 19 Movie Posters of 2014: Artfully Awesome!

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Movie posters are often our first road into a film’s tone, its stars, story and sentiment.

We don’t envy the job of the artists and publicity teams that put these together. The pressure to capture an entire complicated world of a film in one piece of art is immense.

We looked through hundreds of posters that were released in 2014 and came up with 19 of our absolute favorites.

These simply knocked it out of the park and worked on so many levels. For example, tell me seeing the full cast of a certain superhero franchise in one poster made you want to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past online!

That poster of Caesar atop his horse, machine gun in the air as the Golden Gate Bridge burned in the background... heck, I want to watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes online right now!

Sure, once we heard those Guardians of the Galaxy quotes on the big screen, everyone in the theater knew we had seen the biggest movie of the year. But, remember when you first saw the poster that featured all those new Marvel superheroes looking so bad-ass? Yeah, we were in!

So, how do these top 19 movie posters of the year rank?

Click through and discover our top 19 movie posters of 2014!

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