Weekend Movie Preview: December 12, 2014

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This weekend has practically something for everyone hitting screens. Hollywood presents its latest wares as the Weekend Movie Preview looks at the three big films opening across the country. 

The biggest has to be Christian Bale starring as Moses in Ridley Scott's biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings. Chris Rock brings the funny in Top Five, a film he wrote, directed and stars in. And Paul Thomas Anderson returns with a triumph, the '70s-set crime noir, Inherent Vice.

Let's break it down...  

Exodus Gods and Kings: Scott is known for creating epic films, but none are as massive in scope as his look at the life of Moses. Meanwhile, Bale is no stranger to playing heroes, but there is nothing in his repertoire like the turn he gives as the biblical icon. 

Bale and Scott have joined forces on a film that looks absolutely incredible. But, what makes this flick truly work -- our Exodus: Gods and Kings review reported -- is the fraternal chemistry and rivalry between Joel Edgerton's Ramses and Bale's Moses. It drives this film and makes it much more than a story about Moses and the Hebrews being taken out of slavery. This is a story about two brothers on a collision course that would change history. 

Top Five: Rock shows himself as quite the filmmaker with his latest effort. The comic plays a, well, comic, who has become a huge movie star and, after kicking booze, decides he wants to devote himself to a more serious career making movies that matter. Except, that doesn't work out so well. 

In the process, he meets a New York Times reporter (Rosario Dawson) who, over the course of their day together, helps him re-discover his love of stand-up and become aware that his fiance (Gabrielle Union) is using him for his fame. In the end, the pair give performances that had us cheering. For more, check out our Top Five review.

Inherent Vice: Anderson's latest might not be his best, but it is his second best! Joaquin Phoenix stars as a private detective who winds up in way over his head when his ex-girlfriend comes and asks him for some help. Phoenix is incredible and gives a hurricane of a performance. But, it is Josh Brolin who steals every scene he's in. When is this guy going to get an Oscar already?!

As we reported in our Inherent Vice review, the Anderson noir flick is one of the best of the year... if not the best.  

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