11 Movies That Caused Political Firestorms: American Sniper Far From First

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American Sniper is quite the smash hit and is causing quite the controversy.

The Clint Eastwood film features Bradley Cooper in an Oscar nominated turn as Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL sniper who is credited with being the most lethal in U.S. military history.

Some have said that it mistakenly profiles Kyle as a patriot and others are coming down saying that those who criticize the military movie are un-American and don’t support our troops.

Those American Sniper quotes are inspiring, there is no debating that. And giving its huge record-setting box office run, audiences are embracing it as fiercely as Kyle went after the enemy.

Yet, American Sniper is hardly the first film to cause a political firestorm. And it will likely not be the last.

In fact, watch The Interview online and there’s a film that arrived just last month whose scandal went all the way to the White House when President Obama called Sony’s pulling the movie “a mistake.”

Watch The Passion of the Christ online and that movie too was quite the stir of political discussion when it landed. Some say it went too far, and others said it couldn’t have been more accurate as to profiling the last days of Jesus.

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