11 Super Bowl Movie Trailers We Must See: Big Game Teasers!

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There is no bigger television audience to witness the debut of a movie trailer than during the Super Bowl. Next Sunday as the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks battle it out to see who is the best in the NFL, movie studios will also be making plays of their own.

We expect some big movie trailers to be shown during those uber-expensive Super Bowl advertising spots that air during the most viewed event of the year.

Specifically, we name 11 movies from 2015 that we think will get the trailer treatment, all seeking to make the biggest splash.

So, who do we expect to be hearing from?

First, we know we won’t see another Avengers Age of Ultron trailer because they’ve already rolled out two. And we won’t see a follow-up to that Star Wars teaser trailer because we know that will appear before Avengers: Age of Ultron in theaters on May 1.

And speaking of Marvel, we likely will not see an Ant-Man trailer during the big game because it is too soon since that Ant Man teaser trailer premiered.

But, watch Fast and Furious 6 online and we would bet that Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and his crew will be entertaining us with some fantastical footage from their spring release.

Love those Pitch Perfect quotes? Good, because you’ll be tapping your toes as we think the latest Pitch Perfect 2 trailer will also debut in front of the hundreds of millions who will be watching the Super Bowl across the globe.

Click through and discover our 11 picks for movie trailers we think will air during the Super Bowl.

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