15 Top Director Debuts: Instant Hollywood Heavyweights

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It is hard enough for a director to make a movie in general, but that very first movie that a helmer makes, well, that has to be the most stressful thing of all.

That is why it is so astounding what these 15 directors did with their first film. These are announcements of the highest order that talent has entered the room and crafted something truly extraordinary.

The man who would win an Oscar for the film that you can see when you watch Django Unchained online had the most astounding of beginnings. It’s hard to believe the helmer who got his education watching movies as a video store clerk would become one of our greatest. Yet, in his first film… that greatness was ever present.

Watch Skyfall online and you’ll see the most successful James Bond movie of all time. Would you believe us that Sam Mendes’ first movie directing gig resulted in him winning Best Director at the Oscars? Yeah, that’s a big-time debut!

And the man who gave us those timeless Princess Bride quotes made quite a splash with his first film. Not bad for a guy that was largely known for a character on TV named Meathead!

Click through and discover the 15 most astounding directing debuts!

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