15 Wedding Movies That Take the Cake

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With the arrival of The Wedding Ringer in theaters, we are in the mood for wedding movies. Many flicks have tried to capture the entity that is the chaos of love event, but in the history of Hollywood, few have truly succeeded.

We found 15 wedding movies that should be on everyone’s radar now that weddings and movies are finding themselves again with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad’s flick.

Some are classic, some are modern, but they all really share a quality that is fascinating: They’re funny. Guess with all that stress involved with a wedding, you have to laugh.

Which flicks made our list? Watch Bridesmaids online and you had to know that comedy institution is there. And those Wedding Crashers quotes still have us in stitches years after it bowed.

That’s just a taste of the movie wedding cake. Prepare to dig in as we present our 15 best wedding movies!

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