21 Movies That Celebrate 30 Years: From Back to the Future to The Breakfast Club

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Throughout 2015 we will be delving deeper into the films that changed Hollywood 30 years ago in 1985.

It was an incredible year for movies and you will be amazed how many of these films are celebrating anniversaries this year and don’t worry, we feel a little older too!

So, which flicks arrived on screens 30 years ago this year?

Watch Back to the Future online and there’s one. And can you believe those iconic The Breakfast Club quotes are three decades old?

With all this talk of a sequel to the beloved film you can see when you watch The Goonies online, now that its anniversary is here, we find it hard to believe it could have taken 30 years to produce a sequel to the adored piece of pop culture legend.

Which flicks arrived 30 years ago this year?

Click through and discover the movie magic that was 1985. 

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