Chappie UK Trailer: Neill Blomkamp Gives Us One Lovable Robot!

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Hot on the heels of that brilliant Chappie movie trailer, we’ve got the UK trailer that gives us even more footage and emotional pull for the latest film from Neill Blomkamp.  

Chappie is a self-aware and artificial intelligence robot whose smarts are growing by the day. He has the mind of a child and the heart of an angel. So, why would the world want to come down on him and have him destroyed?

Well, Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver’s characters believe that Chappie is a threat to the future of mankind.

Clearly from the above trailer, his creator (played by Dev Patel) does not believe that for one second. Chappie is a gift, and from what we’ve seen so far from Blomkamp’s latest, we concur with Patel.

It will be fascinating to see Jackman as a full-on villain and we’ll watch anything that the director of District 9 and Elysium gives us!

Look for Chappie in theaters March 6 and until then, watch Elysium online to see the visionary director’s latest.

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