Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Clip: Watch Out, Time & Space!

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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 has released a new red band clip that, thanks to some classic voice over narration, truly lays out what to expect from the comedy that lands February 20.  

The boys who gave us those timeless Hot Tub Time Machine quotes are back and this time out, they’re heading into the future, and of course the past. Nothing is not on the table for this sequel, as anyone knows about the rules of “the sequel.”

Rob Corddry is back as Lou, and he has still invented the internet, Google and a few other things that has made him filthy rich. Nick is a huge pop star, of course using hits from the “future” that he stole and recorded. And Jacob, well, Jacob’s being Jacob.

We have some new blood, stepping in for John Cuasck. Adam Scott portrays Adam Jr., Cusack’s character’s son.

When something goes horribly wrong in their Hot Tub Time Machine altered present, they must go back and forward in time to make it right.

Watch Hot Tub Time Machine online and get ready for the laugh-out-loud sequel. 

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Ever since I wrote Call Me Maybe, back in 92, I've been on a roll.


We need to find the point in time that things went wrong and fix it.


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