Oscar Nominees and Their Worst Movies: Film Flubs!

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Scoring an Oscar nomination is the highest honor one can have in the field of acting for film. Yet, it wasn’t always gold statutes hanging in the balance for these 20 actors and actresses.

We looked through the filmography of the 20 nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor and found the roles that they probably wished were removed from their acting resume.

Watch Boyhood online and there’s Patricia Arquette in a role that we think will score her a Best Supporting Actress trophy. But, did you know she was in a movie where she played a woman who was in love with a guy who was raised as an ape? Yeah, that.

And even though he is probably best known for giving us those timeless Anchorman quotes, Steve Carell is now in serious actor territory for his role in Foxcatcher, which has earned him a Best Actor nod. What was his worst film? Check out the slideshow below and discover it!

Click through and learn what the 20 worst movies were for the 20 Oscar nominees for acting performances in 2015.

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