Remember the Titans Celebrates 15 Years: 15 Fun Facts!

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Fifteen years ago Remember the Titans, one of the best football movies -- if not the best football movie -- landed on screens and inspired the nation.

On this eve of the greatest moment on the football calendar, the Super Bowl, we thought it a good time to delve deeper into the Denzel Washington classic film and give you a few facts you likely did not know!

Those Remember the Titans quotes have become iconic, but did you know the director in charge of aiding his actors to get their minds around their lines knew nothing about the game of football before filming started? Football to him meant a whole different game, one that is celebrated every four years at the World Cup!

Watch Remember the Titans online and there are a few up-and-coming stars who make their big screen debut in the football classic. Sure you might know one or two, but all of them? It’s a pretty impressive cast that graced the true story of the first integrated high school football team in America to win a state championship.

So as we get ready for the biggest football game of the year (and those Super Bowl trailers we can’t wait to see), go deep and prepare for a touchdown of knowledge as we give you 15 fun facts about Remember the Titans!

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Remember the Titans Quotes

Coach Boone: What are you?
Team: Mobile, agile, hostile!
Coach Boone: What is pain?
Team: French bread!
Coach Boone: What is fatigue?
Team: Army clothes!
Coach Boone: Will you ever quit?
Team: No! We want some mo', we want some mo', we want some mo'!

This is no democracy. It is a dictatorship. I am the law.

Coach Boone