Terminator Genisys Photo: Old Red Eyes Is Back!

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Paramount Pictures has released a new photo from the upcoming Terminator: Genisys and it features a familiar face for those who adore the series started by James Cameron back in the early '80s.

It’s the Terminator himself (or is it herself?!).

As teased in the Terminator: Genisys teaser trailer, this is a whole new world that Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) has created that essentially re-writes the timeline set forth when you watch The Terminator online.

This time out, it is Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) who is doing the saving as Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) heads back in time at the order of John Connor (Jason Clarke). Wild, huh?! 

Look for Terminator Genisys to open on July 1 and check out these 11 most iconic Terminator quotes to get you in the mood to return to the world where Skynet takes over.

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