The Wedding Ringer Exclusive: Kevin Hart & Josh Gad Compare Themselves to Kid 'n Play?!

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From our The Wedding Ringer set visit with Kevin Hart, we knew immediately that one of our favorite comic actors would be perfect with the voice of Olaf from Frozen, Josh Gad.

The pair have a comic chemistry that leaps off the screen (our review is coming soon).

We caught up with the duo for an exclusive interview where we talked comic duo influences, like the pair who gave us Stir Crazy and Silver Streak, and how they can only dream of being in the same ballpark as those two legends.

“The one we always talk about is Wilder and Pryor,” Gad said. 

“But we can’t even compare ourselves to them,” Hart cautioned.

Then Gad brought up an interesting inspiration… Kid 'n Play?!

That sent us all off on a fit of laughter, which is fitting because The Wedding Ringer is full of huge hilarity and like many of Hart and Gad’s films, lots of heart.

Hart plays a guy who runs a business called Best Man, Inc. For a price, he provides a service to successful, yet lonely guys who are in dire need of a best man and groomsmen. When Gad gets engaged to Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, he not only needs Hart as his hired best man, but what they call the Golden Tuxedo package… seven groomsmen.

The wedding con is on and when it lands in theaters January 16, prepare to laugh out loud, repeatedly. And given how those Ride Along quotes have riveted us still after a year, get ready for more quotables from the most successful comic working in Hollywood today!

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