Top 19 Stalker Movies: Fatal Attraction Indeed!

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With Jennifer Lopez joining the group of stars who have appeared in stalker movies with her turn in The Boy Next Door (arriving Friday), the subgenre of the thriller gets another chapter in its storied history.

More often than not, stalker movies fall flat. It’s hard to keep that tension mounting for over 90 minutes to two hours and not have it fall into more silly than scary. 

We found 19 of the best that Hollywood has produced. These stories of a person who becomes obsessed with another person (or group of people) still rivet us to this day.

Like which ones?  

Taxi Driver quotes are legendary like, “You talkin’ to me?” It’s also a stalker movie classic, watch Taxi Driver online and discover it – or re-discover it!

But, is the Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro movie number one on our list?

And then there’s what you see when you watch Misery online. Kathy Bates was such a fantastic fear-inducing stalker that the Academy gave her the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the Stephen King page-to-screen effort.

Without further ado, click through and discover our top 19 stalker movies!

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