Top 25 Time Travel Movies: From Back to the Future to The Terminator!

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Project Almanac has landed and gives both the time travel and found footage subgenre of the movies a real original premise. Kids with cameras invent a time machine and of course we all know teenagers and a time machine is probably not a good idea.

But, it did get us thinking about time travel movies.

That is one difficult nut to crack. There are many plot land mines that can be exposed with a time travel movie. If the thing doesn’t add up, well then, the entire movie fails.

We found 25 time travel movies that we think are the best of all time and they come in all forms.  

As you can see from these Groundhog Day quotes, time travel can be funny – especially if it’s Bill Murray frustratingly trying to make one day turn to the next.

Time travel can also be a thrilling sci-fi action adventure that proves revolutionary on many fronts, just watch The Terminator online and the James Cameron classic has all the qualities of one of the best time travel movies in history.

Watch Back to the Future online and you knew that flick had to be there. It’s a classic! But, where does it rank? Could it possibly come in first?!

Click through the slideshow below as we proudly unveil our top 25 time travel movies of… all time!

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