Weekend Movie Preview: January 9, 2014

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This second weekend in January, the Movie Fanatic Weekend Movie Preview is all about Liam Neeson kicking ass and taking names! Taken 3 arrives on screens, but it is not alone as several films that opened in a limited capacity for awards consideration at the end of 2014 are opening wide this weekend -- Inherent Vice and Selma

Let's break it down...

Taken 3: Neeson is back for his third tour of Taken and this time out, he's been framed for the murder of his wife. You might think that this is a part of his past coming back for retribution, but you'd be wrong. This is an enemy that is far too close to home! 

As our Taken 3 review reported, this flick is better than the last installment, but nothing can touch the original. And there is something about Neeson as Bryan MIlls and his "special set of skills" that we could honestly watch over and over and over. Let's hope there's more to be Taken!

Inherent Vice: Paul Thomas Anderson's latest is right up there with his greatest. It is a visual stunner. Joaquin Phoenix gives the performance of his life, which is saying something. And don't get us started on the brilliant and layered turn by Josh Brolin. Our Inherent Vice review proudly gave the film five stars, and now that the film has expanded to a nationwide release, run, don't walk to see this flick.

Phoenix is a private eye who is hired by an ex-flame to look into the possible kidnapping of her current beau. While he tries to figure out the mystery, he will run into a nefarious group of individuals that may find him just a little in over his head. The '70s never looked, sounded or felt so good.

Selma: The most important movie you will see this year. It's that simple. The story of how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed great faith in what is right and looked danger in the face and still marched forward is a stunner of a movie. 

As our Selma review stated, the entire cast delivers, but it is David Oyelowo who must deliver in his turn as King. And he is a miracle on so many levels. He captures the heart and power of this great leader, but also his great sense of humor.

Feel like staying in this weekend?

There are some outstanding titles that are now available online. Watch Guardians of the Galaxy online and witness 2014's biggest movie. Also, watch The Equalizer online and you can't go wrong when Denzel seeks justice! 

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