19 Most Iconic Movie Props: From The Lightsaber to The Red Pill!

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When does just an item, or thing, become iconic and transcend time and pop culture itself?

It is when it’s a movie prop that becomes as identifiable with a film as much as the characters themselves.

Watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone online and that was the beginning of a seven-film love affair between audiences, the boy who lived and… his wand!

Can you watch The Terminator online and not be blown away by how cool Arnold Schwarzenegger looks in that leather jacket and shades? Try imagining The Terminator without them. You can’t. They’re iconic!

We found 19 of the most iconic movie props in film history in the slideshow below.

Those The Matrix quotes are iconic, but so too is something from that film. What is it?

Click through and discover the answer to that question, and our 19 most iconic movie props in history!

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