Crimson Peak Teaser Trailer: Ghosts Are Real!

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The first real look at Guillermo del Toro’s “masterpiece” has arrived.

That high honor was put on the film within the first Crimson Peak teaser trailer that has premiered below. And given that del Toro has crafted many a film, we suspect they did not use the term masterpiece lightly. 

Del Toro’s passion project (or another one of his, he has many!) features as true of a haunted house story as we’ve gotten in some time.

Mia Wasikowska believes she has met the man of her dreams with Tom Hiddleston. When they marry and she moves into his family estate, she meets Hiddleston’s sister, Jessica Chastain. She reveals in no uncertain terms, that there are parts of the house that are not safe. Okay…

Wasikowska’s man of her dreams may have led her into a world of nothing but nightmares.

Del Toro wrote and directed the film that also features one of his stars from the film you can see when you watch Pacific Rim online, Charlie Hunnam.

When we spoke to del Toro exclusively about Crimson Peak, it was clear that this one was special to him. And if it is deeply meaningful to the master, then prepare to have it rock our worlds when it lands October 16.

Finally a Halloween horror movie with some gravitas!

Universal and Legendary also released the first Crimson Peak poster. Click through the gallery below for that and all of our haunting stills.

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