Focus Trailer: Will Smith Cons Margot Robbie, Or Is It The Reverse?

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An extended TV trailer for the Will Smith-starring Focus has arrived and the February 27 thriller certainly looks good. 

Smith stars as a con man who takes another con under his wing. Margot Robbie has the looks, style, panache and swagger to be successful, but might just need a little fine tuning with her grifting. Or, so he thinks.

Smith is Nicky, a veteran con man who violates rule number one in the game… don’t get romantically attached. But, there’s something about Robbie’s Jess that he just can't get out of his system.

But, can he trust her long enough to pull off the greatest score he’s ever even attempted? Has he lost his Focus?

What’s fascinating for us about Focus is it is merely the first chapter in a Smith-Robbie pairing. The two were just cast in DC Comics and WB’s Suicide Squad with Robbie tackling Harley Quinn and Smith aiming for Deadshot.

Focus looks promising, as it is written and directed by the pair that gave us Crazy, Stupid, Love -- John Requa and Glenn Ficarra.

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