Hot Tub Time Machine 2: Steve Pink On Time Travel Movies & John Cusack Returning?

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We caught up with Hot Tub Time Machine 2 director Steve Pink and after witnessing his sequel to those Hot Tub Time Machine quotes, we were fascinated with how he handled missing a star in the sequel.

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See, John Cusack is sitting out Hot Tub Time Machine 2, but there is a scene where there’s a trench coat by the hot tub that leads us to believe that Cusack is still running around this world somewhere.

“Like Hot Tub, Hut Tub 2 kind of exists like The Avengers in terms of the universe. I think John is like Thor or Iron Man,” Pink said. He then gave us a little nugget that leads us to believe that Cusack could be back in a Hot Tub Time Machine 3.

“The cosmos of characters in Hot Tub Time Machine exist very much like those in The Avengers. He might be lost somewhere in time.”

As shown in the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 trailer, Nick Robinson’s Steve Webber has a huge hit with Stay. Of course, we know that was by Lisa Loeb, but in the world of Hot Tub Time Machine, Webber has become a huge pop star, thanks to “ripping off” other people’s songs before they ever had a chance to write them.  

Pink admitted that after the success of the first film, his phone was ringing off the hook from musicians volunteering their tracks for Webber to make his own.

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“The world was our oyster on that. Every single musical artist in the history of music was calling actually to be a part of it. Lisa just called first,” Pink said. The helmer also pointed out that the songs had to also serve another purpose. “It had to be some kind of iconic video, too. It had to be an iconic video that we could shoot.”

You (Expletive) Nerd is another sonic moment to remember from Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and what started as an improv riff with Rob Corddry and Robinson was turned into a bona fide song by none other than OK Go.

“They improvised it on the set and it seem to be something that could have a life of its own. We called OK Go. We have no shame. We will ask anyone at anytime to allow someone to make the mistake of being a part of a Hot Tub Time Machine movie,” Pink said and laughed.

“They apparently loved the first one and were tricked into doing the second. They recorded part of it on the road and sent it to us in pieces.”

With Cusack not doing this film (he has also left the door open to future installments), they needed a fourth to make the Clark Duke, Corddry and Robinson trio a fab four. Adam Scott (Parks and Rec) had worked with Duke recently and the actor suggested his old co-star from A.C.O.D.

“We were thinking about who to bring into the movie and I called Clark (Duke) and he said he had just made a movie with Adam and what about Adam? I said to Clark, ‘Do you think we can trick Adam into being in the movie?’ Then I called Adam and tricked him into being in Hot Tub 2 and he exercised incredibly poor judgment,” Pink revealed.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Steve Pink

“There were a lot of points in time where he could have said no. And we just kept reeling him back in.”

After the success of Hot Tub Time Machine, Pink told us that Paramount Pictures was open to whatever they threw at the screen, confident that it would result in laughs. “The studio gave us a lot of creative freedom, foolishly or not, you guys know what a Hot Tub Time Machine movie looks like and feels like at this point and to their credit or detriment they put their faith in us to dictate what the humor and tone was.”

If you remember, as a joke, the film was originally going to be called Hot Tub Time Machine 3. But Pink said that everyone involved felt that the inherent nature of the title as joke would hurt their chances at the box office. “The fear that people might feel that they missed the second one and not gotten the joke... they would miss the joke and not see the movie,” Pink reported.

There’s a moment in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 where there is a box that simply says, “Cincinnati.” We wondered if that, or anything for that matter, is off limits to explore in future installments. “Nothing is off the table.”

Where the first movie was influenced by Back to the Future and how going back in time would somehow influence the present, the second Hot Tub Time Machine movie was influenced by Back to the Future Part II and heading into the future. Those two films are merely the tip of the inspirational iceberg for all involved in the Hot Tub Time Machine franchise.

“Every single movie that had either a time machine or hot tub element to it influenced us. Obviously Looper is a big influence [with a] killer going back to the past -- The Terminator of course. There was a Turner and Hooch reference,” Pink said and laughed. “But it got cut.”

Watch Hot Tub Time Machine online and see how this madness got started. 

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