Kingsman The Secret Service: Mark Hamill Talks “Hyper-Stylized” Thrill Ride!

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Last month, we talked to Mark Hamill at the AMC Theater in Century City, California before an early screening of Kingsman: The Secret Service. Hamill talked Star Wars, sure, but we already covered that!

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As Kingsman: The Secret Service is about to hit theaters Friday, we bring you that part of the interview about how the man who is/and always will be Luke Skywalker became a part of the Kingsman comic by Mark Millar, and then leapt to the big screen in Matthew Vaughn’s mind-blowing action flick.

Hamill’s journey to the first of two movies he’s in this year (could the other be Star Wars: The Force Awakens?) began with a phone call with the artist of the Kingsman: The Secret Service graphic novel miniseries.

“I was a fan of his writing. I heard he wanted to talk to me about something, so I called him. He told me about the comic he was writing [where] part of the plot involved kidnapping iconic science fiction actors, believe it or not,” Hamill recalled.

“He said, ‘It’s sort of a mash-up.’ The comic is a throwback to the old hyper-stylized super-spy movies, like when Sean Connery was James Bond, contrasted with the sort of dystopian existence that he came from. It goes back and forth between the glamorized, idealized fantasy spy world back to this poor family living in a council house and so forth.”

His role in the comic and the film are quite different. As you see in the Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer, Hamill does not play himself, like in the graphic novel, so he clearly has a much different ending. Graphic novel spoiler ahead!

The animated Hamill is rescued by the British secret service and is forced to leap off a mountain with a parachute that does not open! “I laughed really hard. I thought, ‘Well, that’s certainly unexpected.’ It appealed to my perverse sense of humor,” Hamill said and laughed.

In the film, he describes his appearance as a cameo, but it is an integral character to the entire story arc of the film and pivotal to Colin Firth and his character’s mission. “I play the professor in two scenes. This is really a glorified cameo, don’t get me wrong.”

When the movie story came to be, they changed the Hamill character and asked if he’d still be interested in being involved. Clearly, Hamill was thrilled. “What happened was, when they wrote the screenplay, that element of kidnapped sci-fi actors went away, but Mark still wanted me to do it,” Hamill said. “He said, ‘There’s another part we want you to play.'”

And the rest was history.

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