Oscar Watch: All 24 Academy Awards Categories Predicted!

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The Oscar nominations are about to give way to Oscar winners on February 22 and Movie Fanatic’s Oscar Watch is ready to make our predictions in all 24 categories.

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There is no clear front-runner in the biggest race, Best Picture. Since the eight nominees were announced, the “favorite” crown has been worn mostly by Birdman and Boyhood. We believe it will come down to those two, although given that our number one pick in our top 15 of 2014 was Whiplash, we wish that that film would get the honor.

But, J.K. Simmons is likely a lock for Best Supporting Actor for Whiplash, so we’ll have to be fine with that.

What about the numerous other categories? Who will win?

We break it down…

Best Picture
Who Will Win: Boyhood
Who Should Win: In a dream world, Whiplash
Why: Boyhood and Birdman have gone neck and neck in one of the tightest Oscar races for Best Picture that we can remember. In the end, we feel that what Richard Linklater did with Boyhood will win out the film lovers’ crowd, even if Birdman is slightly the better movie. As we've said repeatedly, our fave is Whiplash.

Best Original Screenplay
Who Will Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Who Should Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Why: Wes Anderson is this year’s Spike Jonze. Last year, the Academy rewarded the longtime auteur with a Best Original Screenplay award for his work on Her and this year a fellow fringe filmmaker will receive a similar honor for his most successful and most approachable film. There’s a reason that The Grand Budapest Hotel led all nominees when this year’s Oscar nominations were revealed. It is that good. It is that original. It reminds us of why we adore the movies.

Best Actress
Who Will Win: Julianne Moore, Still Alice
Who Should Win: Julianne Moore, Still Alice
Why: It’s about time for the five-time nominee to finally be crowned an Oscar winner. We’re still utterly heartbroken over what Moore did in Still Alice.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Who Will Win: Whiplash
Who Should Win: Whiplash
Why: The film will leave you breathless. It is truly an original screenplay, but due to an interesting wrinkle in the Academy’s rules, it wound up in Best Adapted Screenplay. Potay-to/potah-to here... it’s the best.

Best Actor
Who Will Win: Michael Keaton, Birdman
Who Should Win: Michael Keaton, Birdman
Why: Michael Keaton achieved a comeback that mirrored what his character went through in Birdman. We’ve adored Keaton since Night Shift and think that this is an Oscar that is long overdue for a man who can do it all -- comedy, drama and a hybrid of the two which is what he gave us so brilliantly in Birdman.

Best Animated Film
Who Will Win: How to Train Your Dragon 2
Who Should Win: The LEGO Movie
Why: How to Train Your Dragon 2 shocked Big Hero 6 at the Golden Globes and at the Annie Awards and with the absence of The LEGO Movie (which was one of the hugest Oscar snubs), we think that the troubled DreamWorks Animation will get a shot in the arm with a victory. Although, given who was nominated in this category, Big Hero 6 deserves the honor.

Best Supporting Actor
Who Will Win: J.K. Simmons, Whiplash
Who Should Win: J.K. Simmons, Whiplash
Why: Did you see the tour de force? The minute we saw Whiplash back in October of 2014, we knew we had seen the winner for Best Supporting Actor.

Best Foreign Language Film
Who Will Win: Ida
Who Should Win: Leviathan
Why: Leviathan won the Golden Globe in this category, but we think that Oscar voters will go with Ida for two reasons. One, they treasure rewarding Holocaust movies. And two, it would be Poland’s first Academy Award -- that too is appealing for members of the Academy. Also, the reason Leviathan won’t win is because it could be seen as too risky to salute the film that is critical of the regime in Russia.

Best Supporting Actress
Who Will Win: Patricia Arquette, Boyhood
Who Should Win: Patricia Arquette, Boyhood
Why: In many ways, Arquette is the emotional anchor of the incredible cinematic achievement that is Boyhood. The Academy will reward her for that fact, and also because she is simply stunning in the role of a single mother trying to raise a little boy from Boyhood to adulthood.

Best Cinematography
Who Will Win: Birdman
Who Should Win: Birdman
Why: Emmanuel Lubezki won last year for Gravity and he’ll win again this year for the stunning world captured with Birdman -- although there could be an upset here with the visually arresting The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Best Editing
Who Will Win: Boyhood
Who Should Win: Boyhood
Why: A lesson in how to seamlessly put together a movie that was filmed over 12 years is what you get when you see Boyhood. How could they not salute that?

Best Director
Who Will Win: Richard Linklater, Boyhood
Who Should Win: Alejandro G. Inarritu, Birdman
Why: This one pains us as Richard Linklater is one of our favorite directors and we will delight in him finally getting his hands on an Oscar. But truthfully, the best directing job of the year came from the helmer of Birdman, Inarritu.

Best Documentary Feature
Why: We all know that the Academy is the firmest of believers in free speech and the Edward Snowden doc CITIZENFOUR could not be more of a celebration of that.

Best Production Design
Who Will Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Who Should Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Why: The meticulous detail that Adam Stockhausen took with Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is something to behold. And Oscar clearly will reward it.

Best Costume Design
Who Will Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Who Should Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Why: As brilliant as the scenery was in Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, so too were the costumes.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Ralph Fiennes

Best Makeup/Hairstyling
Who Will Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Who Should Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Why: The Grand Budapest Hotel, besides that screenplay award, is going to win for every category it’s nominated for that deals with the overall texture of the film.

Best Original Score
Who Will Win: The Theory of Everything
Who Should Win: The Theory of Everything
Why: Johann Johannsson has won practically every award along the way for his beautiful score for the Stephen Hawking (love) story. We see no reason why that streak will stop at the Oscars.

Best Original Song
Who Will Win: Glory from Selma
Who Should Win: Glory from Selma
Why: Besides being the best song nominated, the Academy has to find some way to reward this important movie.

Best Sound Editing
Who Will Win: American Sniper
Who Should Win: Interstellar
Why: American Sniper is cut so crisp that we are able to hear each kill shot so impeccably from Chris Kyle that it is almost as if the sound itself was a character. But, what Christopher Nolan did with Interstellar is also impressive. We just think that American Sniper has to win something and this is the category.

Best Sound Mixing
Who Will Win: Whiplash
Who Should Win: Interstellar
Why: Traditionally whoever has won Best Sound Mixing also takes home Sound Editing. They go hand in hand. But this year it will be different because of the unique nature of the film and this category. The sound mixing on the music-heavy Whiplash is something to treasure.

Best Visual Effects
Who Will Win: Interstellar
Who Should Win:  Interstellar
Why: Interstellar should inch out a win against those Guardians of the Galaxy. Even though James Gunn’s team created fantastical worlds from scratch, we think the visual mastery of deep space from Christopher Nolan’s team will win the day.

Interstellar Star Matthew McConaughey

Best Short, Live Action
Who Will Win: Parvaneh
Who Should Win: Parvaneh
Why: It’s simple, Parvaneh won the Student Academy Award and it’s likely to win in the same category in the big leagues.

Best Documentary Short
Who Will Win: Joanna
Who Should Win: Joanna
Why: A film about a dying woman’s last days with her young son? How can the Academy not vote for this tear-jerking gem?

Best Animated Short
Who Will Win: Feast
Who Should Win: Feast
Why: For anyone who has owned a dog, Feast hits home. For everyone else, Feast hits home. It is another stellar piece of animated short film work from Disney, who marveled us with Paperman.

And we have Feast for you! Watch it now below!

Check out our pick for Best Picture and watch Boyhood online

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