Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer: Rebel Wilson Flashes the President!

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When we saw that Pitch Perfect 2 trailer, the excitement over the Bellas competing in the world championship of a cappella was enough to have us beyond thrilled for the sequel to those Pitch Perfect quotes.

Now, with the release of the latest Pitch Perfect 2 trailer, we see why they have to win… because the Bellas were suspended.

Why, you ask? Just watch the trailer and see. 

Yup, Rebel Wilson’s character flashes the president in a command performance and could not have been more command-o!

The girls come up with the idea that if they win the world championship, they could be reinstated. Knowing that it is a long shot, they are given the chance and we think our ladies might just charm the world with their talents and find their way back to reinstatement.

Pitch Perfect 2 brings back Anna Kendrick, Wilson, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin, Adam DeVine, Ana Camp, Hana Mae Lee and introduces Hailee Steinfeld as the newest member of the Bellas!

Watch Pitch Perfect online to see how this all got aca-started!

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