The DUFF Exclusive: Robbie Amell & Mae Whitman Break the Teen Movie Mold

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You know it is fitting that on the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club that we get a teen comedy that does more than go for simple laughs.

The DUFF is based on the bestselling book by Kody Keplinger that follows Bianca (Mae Whitman. The Perks of Being a Wallflower), an otherwise happy high school girl who excels at her schoolwork and being friends with a pair of the most popular girls.

Then, her next door neighbor Wesley (Robbie Amell) mistakenly tells her one fateful night that she’s a DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) and her entire world turns upside down.

What she thought was real, clearly isn’t. 

We caught up with the stars of The DUFF, Amell and Whitman, for an exclusive chat about what makes this teen comedy the rarest of breeds in the classic film genre.

Amell and Whitman have serious chemistry, and that comes through in our interview and even in The DUFF trailer.

The stars chat how each was the other’s best resource on the set. And further proving these two are all too in synch, when asked for their favorite day making the Kody Keplinger book come to life, their answers were exactly the same!

The DUFF hits theaters February 20 and breaks the mold of the teen comedy that does the rarest of things, it appeals to everyone. 

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