The Interview DVD Review: Let Freedom Ring!

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When The Interview became an online blockbuster, viewers just got to see the film itself. Now that it has arrived on Blu-Ray and DVD, the Seth Rogen and James Franco flick delves deeper with a slew of hilarious bonus features and insightful extras.

The Interview DVD

The “Freedom Edition” of The Interview is loaded with 90 minutes of bonus features, and includes 14 deleted scenes and a gag reel that is not-to-be-missed. But first, let’s talk about the movie itself.

Besides having some fantastic and unforgettable The Interview quotes, the Rogen and Franco film works so well as an international political farce that is as simultaneously hilarious as it is a commentary on modern media and the utter complicated mess that can be international relations.

Franco is Dave Skylark, one of the most famous interviewers in the world. His Skylark Tonight is a ratings hit, but it leaves his producer Aaron Rapoport (Rogen) yearning for more. The serious newsman feels that they can do more and that opportunity arrives when they learn that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a huge fan of the show and invites the pair to his country for an exclusive interview.

As seen in The Interview trailer, it is not too long after they accept the invitation that the CIA shows up and asks them to assassinate the dictator. Hilarity and some interesting ethics arise for audiences to discuss and ponder. But, let’s be clear: This is an explosive comedy that works well for laughs. Now, whether it was worthy of the controversy that saw Sony pulling The Interview from theaters, well, that is another story.

Once in North Korea, a star is born… well, two. The first is Randall Park and his powerful portrayal of Kim Jung Un, as we stated in our theatrical The Interview review. The other, of course, is the King Charles Spaniel that Un gifts his new friend Skylark.

James Franco Randall Park The Interview

Speaking of Park, the bonus feature Getting Into Character follows how Park achieved what may seem like the impossible: Capturing one of the most identifiable international figures that at the same time is the most elusive. The featurette looks at Park’s transformation that is uncanny. And in that vein, you’ll want to check out the extra Randall Park Audition Tape to see where it all started!

After their work directing together on This Is The End, watching Directors of This Movie, it’s easy to see that previous film was merely a warm-up for co-helmers Rogen and Evan Goldberg to tackle The Interview. These two are perfectly matched for creating a comedy with social commentary and to witness them at work in this featurette is priceless.

Speaking of that adorable puppy, Puppy Power showcases that audiences were not alone in the adoration of that adorable dog. The entire cast and crew wax poetic about the King Charles Spaniel puppy that managed to steal scenes from Franco and Rogen. If you loved the little pup in the film, you’ll love it even more after watching these grown men and women come down with their own bad case of puppy love.

In that animal vein, that scene with Rogen and the tiger could have been filmed using CG or utilizing creative editing. Not so, as we see in Here Kitty Kitty as Rogen illustrates the challenges of working with a real tiger!

You have heard about the Naked and Afraid parody that Rogen and Franco did around the time of the release of The Interview. It is one of The Interview bonus features and a clear don’t-miss.

Lastly, the gag reel is stunningly hysterical and viewers won’t want to miss the Line-o-Ramas that feature short collections of alternate shots of some of the most hilarious jokes on The Interview set.

Watch The Interview online now and prepare to celebrate freedom!

The Interview Review

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The Interview Quotes

They hate us, ‘cause they ain’t us.

David Skywalk

Aaron Rapoport: Kim Jong-un wants to do an interview with Dave Skylark?
David Skylark: He’s a fan!
Aaron Rapoport: He’s the most reclusive leader on the planet!
David Skylark: We do this, everyone is going to take us super duper seriously!
Aaron Rapoport: Okay
David Skylark: We’re going to North Korea!

The Interview Review

When The Interview became an online blockbuster, viewers just got to see the film itself. Now that it has arrived on Blu-Ray and DVD, the...

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