The Lazarus Effect Trailer: Something Wilde This Way Comes

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Olivia Wilde is not herself in the latest The Lazarus Effect trailer. It’s easy to see why. She died! And then her fiance (Mark Duplass) brought her back to life, only it appears she is not alone. 

The Lazarus Effect is from Blumhouse Productions, the talented team who brought us Insidious, Sinister and what you can see when you watch The Purge online. So, you know it will be scary, and it will have potential series written all over it. Know this, the probability is high that when this film ends, it could be merely the beginning and that might just be the scariest thing of all.

Wilde and Duplass are joined in the cast by Evan Peters (fresh off his scene-stealing role in X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Donald Glover (Community).

The story follows Duplass and Wilde, who are brain researchers looking to unlock the secrets of that mysterious organ. They believe that they have found a serum that could bring the dead back to the living.

Thus far, they have only experimented on animals. But, when Wilde dies during an experiment from electrocution, Duplass tosses ethics out the window and administers the serum on Wilde.

As you can see, that does not go all that well.

Look to be spooked when The Lazarus Effect hits theaters February 27.

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