Top 11 Kevin Costner Movies: Which Hits a Home Run?

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Kevin Costner is back with McFarland, USA, a stunning true story about a cross country coach who inspires greatness in his charges. Costner has made his fair share of sensational sports movies in his award-winning career, but those are merely the tip of the awesome cinematic iceberg that is his filmography.

We name the top 11 Kevin Costner movies and with so many to choose from among his three decades of work, it was a challenge. What is number one?  

Watch Field of Dreams online and we can promise that tear-jerker classic is on our list, but where does it rank? And those Bull Durham quotes are some of the most timeless movie lines ever uttered -- is that baseball romantic comedy the best?

When you watch Dances with Wolves online, it’s easy to see why the Academy would give the actor-director two Oscars for that effort. Surely that film sits at the top spot. It’s on the list, but it’s not his best in our opinion.

Click through and see which flicks make up our top 11 Kevin Costner movies!

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Though Costner made his film debut at age 19, real success came for Costner in 1987 when he starred as Elliot Ness in The Untouchables in 1987.  Since then, Costner has been an A-list actor and has starred in No Way Out, Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, JFK, The Bodyguard, and A Perfect World.

Of course, no bio of Kevin Costner would be complete without mentioning his failures in the late 90s epics, Waterworld and The Postman.

Kevin Coster recently had a revitlized career with his roles in Thirteen Days, Open Rang, The Guardian, and Mr. Brooks.

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