Top 14 Super Bowl Trailers: Ranking the Super Teasers

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The Super Bowl movie trailers have all debuted and we cannot remember a year where there were so many! To say Movie Fanatic was fanatical about it is an understatement.

There were 14 between the game itself and the pre-game. Sure, there was a football contest that saw the New England Patriots emerge victorious for their fourth ring over the Seattle Seahawks.

But, you can forgive us if we were a little distracted by all that upcoming movie teasing that had us breathless.  

Watch Jurassic Park online and that film series’ latest chapter had one of the better trailers to debut, and it was the first to land once the game actually started -- thus giving it the biggest audience.

Where does it rank?

Fifty Shades of Grey surprised us with its presence during the Super Bowl. When it arrived in the fourth quarter, we thought, why does this film need any more teasing? It already has a fan base that bought 70 million on those books. Well, we think that teaser scored big time in probably gaining a few more fans.

Watch The Terminator online as we have again recently, and it helps us wrap our head around the timeline shifting that is going on in that franchise that arrives this summer with Terminator: Genisys. Arnold Schwarzenegger was featured hugely in that film’s Super Bowl teaser.

How do we think it sits among the lucky 14 movie trailers that premiered during the biggest television telecast of the year?

Click through and discover our rankings of the top 14 Super Bowl trailers for 2015!

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