Weekend Movie Preview: February 27, 2015

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The last weekend movie preview for the month of February finds Will Smith returning to his glory with Focus, Olivia Wilde getting wildly horrific in The Lazarus Effect and director David Cronenberg turning his fiery lens on Hollywood in Maps to the Stars

Let's break it down...

Focus: Smith is one of the best con men in the biz, but he gets his feathers ruffled a bit when he meets Margot Robbie and takes her under his wing. The con is on and this slick thrill ride has one of the most explosive scenes you will see this year. We'll just say three words: Super Bowl con!

As we reported in our Focus review, Smith and Robbie make this film utterly a joy to watch. Sure, there are plot holes. But the combination of the charisma of the two leads and Smith finally having a role that he can remind us why we adored him in the first place makes this flick a winner. 

The Lazarus Effect: Wilde dies and is brought back to life by her scientist fiance, played by Mark Duplass. The latest Blumhouse Productions horror flick is pretty original, even if it borrows slightly in concept from Flatliners. Donald Glover and Evan Peters also star in the film that follows what happens when love overtakes logic. Duplass uses his formula to revive his love after she is electrocuted and she comes back to life. Nope, she's not the same -- not even close!

Our The Lazarus Effect review points out that the film avoids cliches and is a solid next chapter in the Blumhouse streak of hits.

Maps to the Stars: Cronenberg is a director whose style could not be more recognizable. Therefore it is such joy to see him point his camera at the idea of fame and Hollywood. Julianne Moore gives another Oscar-worthy performance as an actress trying to make it big, despite being overshadowed by the fame of her beloved late movie star mother. Mia Wasikowska goes toe-to-toe with Moore, plus John Cusack and Robert Pattinson shine in supporting roles. 

For more on this breathless and visually stunning powerhouse, check out our Maps to the Stars review

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