17 Movie Titles That Wisely Changed Their Name

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A movie title is not everything, but it sure does go a long way in determining whether audiences will line up to see a movie. A bad film title could even completely derail a film that is destined for pop culture legend!

Watch Pretty Woman online, and would you have seen the film if it was called what it was originally supposed to be titled, 3000?

There is no way that the Richard Gere and Julia Roberts rom-com, that has become iconic, would have even gotten a flicker of notice with that numeric title.

Those Pulp Fiction quotes, well, Quentin Tarantino wisely chose to call his film something that paid tribute to an entire genre of publications instead of one specific magazine. Thank goodness! 

And in a move that was just as smart as Kevin Spacey taking a non-credited role so as not to spoil the ending, we’re thrilled that when you watch Se7en online it was not called something that would have also revealed too much!

What other of our favorite films of the last several decades changed their moniker?

Click through and discover 17 movie titles that were wisely altered when it came to something that seems so simple, but is anything but -- its name!

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