4 Reasons Why Summer 2017 Should Be Renamed Summer of Disney

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With the announcement today that Star Wars: Episode VIII will arrive on screens in May of 2017, Movie Fanatic has come to a realization.

From now on, any mention of that particular warmer season must carry a new moniker: Summer of Disney!

1969 may have been called The Summer of Love. But for fans of the Walt Disney Company, there can be no bigger summer filled with adoration towards the studio that has the iconic Mickey Mouse as their logo, than the way that heart beats will be racing during the summer of 2017.

Watch Toy Story online and its fourth installment is one reason why 2017’s summer will be scorching hot for Disney (and obviously Pixar). Those Guardians of the Galaxy quotes? Yup, they’re getting a follow-up.

Click through the slideshow below and discover why the summer of 2017, er, sorry, the Summer of Disney will be the most profitable period of movie releases in history.

Disney will own that summer, and honestly because of that, the entire movie year.

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