7 Ways to Fix Hollywood: Making Movies That Audiences Love

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Still worth billions, the 2014 box office in the United States was the lowest since 1995. Hollywood raked in $10.35 billion last year and, yes, that is an enormous sum of money, but audiences -- as a whole -- are not as satisfied with the product that studios are giving them, now more than ever.

So, how to fix it?

We hear it from our hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook every time we report on a sequel, or TV show or remake being made as if it is huge news. For the average moviegoer, they are screaming on social media pages that they want more originality.

Cleary, audiences are also letting their voices be heard at the box offices.

Check out The Interview quotes and there’s a movie that could not have been more original, subversive and successful (albeit controversial!).

Watch John Wick online and that action flick starring Keanu Reeves pushed the boundaries of a thriller, as well as introduced the world to a fresh face in filmmaking and a story that was original, even if it was in a genre we all know (and love). And it was a huge hit!

The success of the Luc Besson film that you can see when you watch Lucy online is further proof that audiences want something that pushes the envelope on the fresh factor. We don’t necessarily need to see Scarlett Johansson kick ass as Black Widow in her own movie. Film fans were thrilled to see her do it as a character we’ve never seen before.

We have seven suggestions for those in Hollywood who green light projects. Let us know if you think that these thoughts will help the opinion that audiences have that there is no creativity in the land of make believe.

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