Furious 7 TV Spots: A War Is Coming!

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Universal has released not one, but two TV spots for Furious 7

What is so special about these two is usually TV spots can feature more of the same footage that we’ve seen repeatedly.

Not these two, as they introduce several new scenes and expand scenes we’ve already witnessed that give them a whole new context.

Remember that shot of Vin Diesel driving through a skyscraper window speeding through the air to another skyscraper from the Furious 7 trailer?

Well, he was not alone in that jump… Paul Walker is in the car with him!

Also, that shot of Dwayne Johnson wielding that cannon? Michelle Rodriguez sets up that scene beautifully in a line asking him when the cavalry is coming. In a quote that will surely go down in Fast and Furious quotes history, Johnson replies, “I am the cavalry!”

These awesome moments and a tease to the Furious 7 soundtrack all are brilliantly shown off in the latest TV spots for the highly anticipated film that is set to rocket onto screens on April 3.

Watch Fast and Furious 6 online and see where we left off.

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Furious 7 Quotes

I'm back, bitches!


Letty: Did you bring the cavalry?
Hobbs: Woman, I am the cavalry.