Harrison Ford Will "Fully" Recover: Internet Responds With Star Wars Memes!

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Thank goodness, but Han Solo will fly again!

After yesterday's Harrison Ford plane crash, the world responded with shock and prayers for one of our favorite movie stars to make a full recovery. 

According to sources at the Los Angeles hospital where Ford is recovering from injuries sustained after an impressive crash landing on a Venice golf course, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens star is doing just fine and is expected to be released soon. 

The internet responded in a way that is just perfect, of course now that we know he will be OK.

We've compiled a slideshow of some of the best memes to emerge in the last 18 hours since Ford's plane went down.

They are mostly from Star Wars, but there's a nice Indiana Jones reference in there too. 

And there are a few that explore who might have shot down Ford's plane!

Could it be... Boba Fett!

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