Is Tron 3 Coming Soon?

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When Tron: Legacy came and went in 2010, the thoughts of a sequel seemed to have come and gone as well. But fans have quietly made the film quite the cult favorite, much as the first Tron was in the early '80s. Now word has arrived that Tron 3 is actually back on track and it appears to be set to start filming in Vancouver this fall.

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The Vancouver-based VanCity Buzz is claiming that parts of the city have already been scouted and that director Joseph Kosinski will in fact get a chance to follow up his film that starred Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and of course Jeff Bridges.

VanCity Buzz even has a specific date that filming will begin and that day is October 5 and they say that Hedlund will be back reprising his role as Sam Flynn. What we don’t know is if Olivia Wilde will return. We cannot see a Tron 3 without Wilde, given what happened with her character Quorra in the last film.

We’ll keep you posted as news emerges from this production. 

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